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At Mazzeo Law, we have over 25 years of litigation experience. We possess the necessary skill and resources to get you the recovery you deserve. We effectively represent clients’ in trials, arbitrations, and mediations in the State of Nevada. We fight relentlessly against the big insurance companies trying to keep you from getting the money you are owed. We have collected millions in compensation for our clients, and there is no fee unless we win. We are skilled in litigating and trying cases and, if necessary, we are prepared to go to trial.

We Have Won Millions of Dollars for Our Clients in car accidents, bus accidents, slip and fall accidents, lack of security in home intrusions, products liability cases, etc.

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Peter Mazzeo is highly respected in the field of personal injury law and has been recognized as a top-tier attorney by Nevada Business magazine. As a Legal Elite award-winner, Mazzeo ranks among the top three percent of attorneys in the state of Nevada.

Peter Mazzeo has also had the honor of arguing in front of the Nevada Supreme Court.


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Mazzeo Law has extensive experience in all areas of personal injury law. Whether you’ve been hurt in an accident (auto, motorcycle, pedestrian) lost a loved one to wrongful death, been the victim of medical malpractice or a faulty consumer product, Mazzeo Law will help you get the justice you deserve.


Mazzeo Law Blog

Las Vegas Thanksgiving Period

Las Vegas is in the Top 5 Thanksgiving Destinations for 2017

by Peter Mazzeo

As many travelers seek warm-weather destinations this Thanksgiving, Las Vegas remains one of the most popular destinations and with this in mind travel times could be more than three times longer over the holiday period. Travel Advise: Traffic Hotspots and Worst Times to Hit the Road Over 300,000 travelers are expected to descend on Las […] read more

Death at Your Own Risk

Distracted Driving

by Peter Mazzeo

Death at Your Own Risk In 2015 alone, 3,477 people were killed, and 391,000 were injured nationwide in motor vehicle crashes involving distracted drivers.[1] Those numbers are believed to represent a small portion of instances because police reports may not always document whether distraction was a factor in vehicle crashes for all incidents.   read more

Client Testimonials


Classical Guitarist

“Peter Mazzeo is a wonderful attorney! His knowledge of personal injury law is over the top! I have known him for 5 years, and every experience with him has been professional with great results. His work ethic can be summed up with: “dedication and results for his clients”. That’s what matters. Bravo Peter! Keep up the great work and see you soon!”

Esteban P. Mazzeo Law Client

“I like to ask a lot of questions, and he was more than happy to answer each one. Communication was great, both in person and via email.

Kayla W. Mazzeo Law Client

“They did not have to stay the extra hours to help me or give me the extra piece of advice; but they did and I am eternally grateful. Thank you Mazzeo Law Firm.

Dan Y. Mazzeo Law Client

“Mazzeo Law Firm is the place to go. Peter Mazzeo is an amazing attorney, very experienced, hardworking and talented. He and his firm have taken care of my family and our case every step of the way. I am always confident to go to him as he is definitely among best attorneys you’ll ever meet.”

Kenneth M. Mazzeo Law Client

“The Mazzeo Law Firm helped me tremendously. They went to long lengths to pay for my troubles and my broken headlight. All in all, although I was in a sticky solution I got my money’s worth and much more. I had to pay at least $500 dollars to fix the light, but instead I got more money from the lawsuit. Thank you again Mazzeo Law Firm, I wish I could do more!”

John F. Mazzeo Law Client

“This is a great firm. They have assisted my family with a number of issues. They have always been there for us and are not afraid of taking a case to court. I would recommend Maria and Peter to everyone.”

Scarlett Mazzeo Law Client

“I am very happy with lawyer Peter Mazzeo. He just settled my car accident case and I’m very satisfied with the money he got me. He did a great job and we didn’t have to go to court.”

Tony J. Mazzeo Law Client

“Pete’s closing statement was passionate and absolutely clear to me and, I think, to the jury. At one point, he had the jury waiting on the edge of their seats as to what he was going to say next. It was amazing. I would highly recommend Mazzeo Law Firm.”

Myla E. Mazzeo Law Client

“My cousin recommended I go to Mazzeo Law for help. Mr. Mazzeo helped me, he referred me to different treatment providers and I ultimately had to have fusion surgery on my neck. Physically, I feel much better and Mr. Mazzeo was able to get a very good settlement right before trial.”

Shana J. Mazzeo Law Client

“I can say honestly 100% no regrets! and the doctors and chiropractors were located close to my home and in my mind that helped with gas and distance and appointment times were also very important they all worked around that and that timing was important being down to 1 vehicle it truly made a difference especially with 4 people in the home, also most importantly Mazzeo law LLC. Thank you Peter Mazzeo and just as well your team! p.s. I personally give you 6 stars.”

Tone W. Mazzeo Law Client

“Took a chance on Mazzeo Law Firm through the recommendation of a friend. Not only do they know their stuff but they’re efficient and personal. I felt taken care of the entire time; I was educated with my options and walked through the process. And I left grateful for their help. Should the need arise again; I am not going anywhere else. I am confident recommending them to anybody who asks.”

Chris S. Mazzeo Law Client

“Mr. Mazzeo and his amazing staff are the go to firm when you need an attorney with the experience that he has. I want to thank you so very much for what you have done for me and my family. When we were beside ourselves with grief, you gave us hope when there was none. And, you WON!!! God bless you and your wonderful staff once again.”

Manny Olmo Mazzeo Law Client

“My dear friend referred me to Peter Mazzeo. He was very professional and he was always there to answer all the questions I had. He really cared about me and my case. The compensation was more than I expected to receive. Thank you Peter!!!! Definitely recommend him if you ever get involved in an accident.”

Sang H. Mazzeo Law Client

“I called the office after hours and received an immediate response. They scheduled an appointment for the next afternoon and I met with both attorneys. I did not feel rushed at all. They seemed genuine and down to earth. Not that I want to go to a lawyer again, but if I have to I will call Mazzeo Law Firm.”

Jodi L. Mazzeo Law Client

“Peter Mazzeo is a the way to go. Great Attorney now I can see why there are so many positive testimonials about this law firm. I highly recommend this law firm. I am sure he got me more than I could have gotten on my own. Thank you Mazzeo Law.”

Mar S. Mazzeo Law Client

“Great Law Firm with a very friendly and helpful staff. They have always been there for me when I needed them and took great care of me. Thank you guys for everything you have done.”

Lenny Wenson Mazzeo Law Client

“If I ever have any legal issues, I will be sure to contact Mazzeo Law. My advice to anyone looking for a good attorney start here, you wont have to look any further.”

Lorraine Mazzeo Law Client