Las Vegas Injury Trial Attorneys

Attorneys Are All Governed By Rules Of Professional Responsibility, And Under These Rules, Clients’ Interests Are Primary.


At Mazzeo Law, we take our professional responsibilities seriously and treat clients’ interest of the utmost importance that we make the following promises to Mazzeo Law clients:

We Promise You Will Speak To An Attorney. 

The highest complaint clients’ express referred to Mazzeo Law by other law firms or who have fired other lawyers is that they never met with or spoke to an attorney regarding their case, except perhaps when they first signed up.

At Mazzeo Law, clients’ meet with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney at the initial consult or at any other scheduled time. Similar to the majority of law firms, Mazzeo Law employs non-lawyer staff, such as paralegals and legal assistants, because an attorney simply cannot do everything. However, any Mazzeo Law client with legal questions or concerns about their case will receive the opportunity to speak and even meet with an experienced personal injury attorney.

We Promise To Provide Diligent Service.

Remarkably, we listen to clients’ time and again who come to Mazzeo Law from other lawyers complaining that their prior attorney did little to nothing or that their personal injury case languished while medical bills and other expenses piled up.

We, the Las Vegas personal injury trial attorneys of, Mazzeo Law understand and appreciate whereby a car accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident, slip and fall, assault, battery, intentional tort, vicious animal attacks, or wrongful death can devastate families both financially and emotionally. We know that the longer a case persists, the longer the accident victim and his or her family suffer. That is why Mazzeo Law trial attorneys strive to promptly conclude clients’ personal injury cases; to aid with the emotional and financial healing process, giving families closure; and allowing each family to move forward with their lives.

We Promise To Communicate With You.

Another complaint we hear from clients’ about their former attorneys is that they did not receive timely communication from them. While law firms can get very busy; there should not be a law firm too busy to return a client’s call within a reasonable amount of time.

We understand how important your case is to you, and you are important to us. Thus, we attempt to provide you with answers to all of your questions with reasonable promptness. We regularly update you as to the status of your case with telephone calls, emails, and letters.

We Promise An Experienced And Capable Attorney Will Handle Your Case.

Clients’ have many choices of law firms; we appreciate when they chose Mazzeo Law.

When clients’ select the Las Vegas personal injury trial attorneys of Mazzeo Law; they are choosing experience, legal knowledge, passion, preparation, and aggressiveness; and we seek to deliver.

Peter Mazzeo has well over twenty years of experience and routinely takes cases to trial before a jury and wins. He has done so from both the defense and plaintiff side. Peter brings the experience and knowledge he gained serving wrongfully injured people.