February 26th, 2015 by Admin0038-833

When Will My Case Settle?

Because each personal injury case is unique, the timeline of each case is different. Some cases can settle within a few months after an accident, some within a year, and some can be in litigation for years. The first factor to consider in gauging when a case can settle is the client’s injuries and length of treatment. A personal injury claimant’s damages cannot be fully determined until he or she has fully healed or been advised that her injuries are permanent. Thus, negotiating and settling cannot be done until the personal injury claimant’s injuries are fully known and evaluated. In some cases, there are disputed issues in the case that require presenting proof in court. There can be a dispute as to who is responsible for an accident or the extent of someone’s injuries and damages. That is, some cases must be litigated. Some litigation can take less than a year, while other cases take years. At Mazzeo Law, we will discuss each step with you and keep you informed so you can trust that we are working on your case.