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Advanced Personal Injury Settlement Funding

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Advanced personal injury settlement funding is something to consider if you suffer from a serious injury from an accident. Often, the injured party is in pain and agony and is going through emotional stress. Furthermore, severe injuries can cause you to lose time from work resulting in lost wages and lost earning capacity.

Besides suffering with the mental and physical pain, you need to find a way to pay your bills until you get better and can go to work again. And that’s where advanced injury settlement loan money comes in.

Catastrophic injury settlement funding: What is it?
Catastrophic injury settlement funding means a lender loans money to the victim so they can fulfill their basic needs while they’re not able to work and while their case is pending. It provides ways for the victim to keep their bread and butter coming. When the victim receives the lawsuit money, he/she returns the funds back to the lender for a fee.

Who is eligible for this funding?
Those eligible for pre-settlement funding includes victims from car accidents, motorcycle & bicycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, slip & falls, medical negligence, dog bites, wrongful deaths, construction accidents, and every other kind of personal injury that could cause severe injuries.

When you apply for funding after filing your case, the lender has the power to request additional information about the lawsuit. This information will be used to determine if you’re eligible for the funding.

I lost my case: How do I repay the lender now?
As mentioned earlier, catastrophic injury settlement funding is risk-free, meaning you don’t have to repay the lender if you lose your case.

However, if you win the case, you indeed have to repay the lender. If you agreed on an interest rate, you would have to repay the original amount plus the interest amount.

How much money can I borrow?
The amount you receive from advance funding isn’t fixed; it varies from the lawsuit to lawsuit. In most cases, it would range from 15%-20% of the total lawsuit price.  For example, if you’re expecting to receive $100,000 from the lawsuit, you can receive up to $20,000 as funding.

Does the lending company control my case?
No, the lending company has no right to be involved in your legal case. Your case is controlled only by yourself and your personal injury attorney.

How quick can I get funded?
In most cases, getting funded takes only a couple of days. However, you’d have to manually apply for funding. Then the lending company would ask for follow-up documents. When you provide them with all the necessary documents, the process would be completed in around two days and you will get the money.

How do I get funded?
By getting in touch with a company that provides advance injury settlement funding, they will request certain case related documents to assist them to know how much to offer in funding.  If everything goes well, you will have to sign a written agreement with the funding company and then the monies will then be transmitted via bank wire or overnight express to you.