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Animal Bites Lawyers Henderson NV

Animals can be unpredictable. They are living creatures that feel a range of emotions, just like humans do. That's why without the proper protection, you're at risk of being attacked by an animal or getting bit - and there is no size or breed restriction from an attack! You could even get injured under extreme circumstances where those incidents happen more frequently, in addition to more minor incidents happening every single day without people realizing it. Animal bites account for 50% of all civil litigation in the United States, and with so many lawyers packing up their briefcases to make it into this lucrative field, there's never been a better time to have one on retainer. Animal Bites Lawyers will fight tooth and nail for your animal-covered rights - both criminal and personal injury charges are included! We're so confident in our services that we'll take any case you throw at us...even if animals weren't involved. 

Difficulties arise when animals are still required to bear some control and order around private dwellings. But accidents can occur as well. This is what our Nevada law nears our goal by imposing significant limitations on our furry friends. It cannot be denied that owning a pet comes with a lot of unparalleled benefits. Apart from the security that animals bring to a household, particularly those trained to guard, these lovable pets are great companions. As consistently found true by related studies and research, pets help lighten the mood at home, manage loneliness, improve a person's overall well-being, and even increase opportunities to socialize and stay active—a man's best friend, indeed.

Pet ownership certainly has many advantages, but pet owners must also be aware of their duties under the law. With all these rewards of pet ownership come specific legal responsibilities, specifically those that arise from animal bites and attacks, causing injury to faultless and unsuspecting persons. As a rule, pet owners shall be answerable to any harm caused by their pets. An injured party has the legal right to seek liability and claim damages against an owner through a personal injury lawsuit. 

NV Law on Animal Bites and Attacks

Unlike other US states, Nevada does not have concrete laws concerning determining responsibility in case of a dog bite or animal attack. However, what is clear is that in Nevada, a person who owns a dangerous or vicious dog shall be liable for any injuries suffered when the dog bites or attacks another.

A 'dangerous' dog is defined under the law as one that is:

- So declared by a law enforcement agency, if it is used in the commission of a crime by its owner or keeper;

- Without provocation, on two separate occasions within 18 months, shown to behave menacingly, to the degree that would lead a reasonable person to defend themself against substantial bodily harm, when the dog was either off the premises of its owner or keeper or not confined in a cage, pen, or vehicle.

On the other hand, a dog is considered 'vicious' if:

- Without being provoked, it kills or inflicts substantial bodily harm upon a human being;

- After its owner or keeper has been notified by a law enforcement agency that the dog is dangerous, it continues the behavior of a 'dangerous dog.

While these definitions are expressly outlined in Nevada's laws, personal injury claims and cases arising from animal attacks mostly rely on common law, as well as the state's laws on personal injury and wrongful death. 

In an animal attack incident, these are the legal concepts that your accident and injury lawyer shall apply to protect your interest, whether as a claiming party or as a defendant.

Common Injuries Arising from Animal Bites and Attacks

In the unfortunate event that a person suffers injury from an accident arising from animal bites and attacks, they can experience many different bodily injuries, which can be severe in some instances. Some of the most common damages arising from animal bites and animal attacks are:

- Puncture wounds

- Neck and spinal injuries

- Eye infection and injuries

- Rabies and other viral infection

- Disfigurement and amputation

- Nerve damage

- Broken bones

Animal Bites Lawyer in Henderson, NV

Have you been bitten by a dog or cat? Do you need to hire an Animal Bites Lawyer? Look no further than the best place on earth for all your animal bites needs – What is Animal Bites Lawyers. From consulting to strategy and everything in between, What is has got it covered. We're experts in bite cases from a dog owner's perspective and a pet owner's advocate- which can make the most significant difference!

Do you think that an animal attack is something to get behind? We bet not! Learn about the Nevada law for animals attacking people. Suppose you or a loved one has unfortunately suffered injury from a vicious animal attack in Henderson or any of its surrounding areas. In that case, Mazzeo Law is here to offer its professional legal service at the most competitive rates in Nevada. 

With years of knowledge and experience in both civil and criminal law, with expertise in personal injury cases, Mazzeo Law is your partner as you seek liability and claim damages at the maximum rate possible, including medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, moral injuries, among others.

Correspondingly, we are also available to assist defendants in a potential or actual animal attack case, who, most definitely, are also entitled to certain rights and protections under the law.

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