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Different Kinds of Wrongful Death Cases

wrongful death

Wrongful Death Cases Losing a loved one causes inexpressible pain, which is all the more hard to accept when the death occurs due to someone else’s intentional or incidental conduct. There are different factors and situations at the core of such wrongful death cases. Wrongful death claims may fall into different classifications and categories and depending […]

When is a Personal Injury Attorney Necessary?

Mazzeo Law, LLC

When is a Personal Injury Attorney Necessary? You may be asking yourself if you should hire a personal injury lawyer after an accident. A personal injury lawyer should be retained by anybody who has been hurt due to someone else’s negligence and has sustained significant bodily injuries and other losses.  The reason is simply because […]

5 Facts of Personal Injury Law

Mazzeo Law, LLC

5 FACTS OF PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMS Personal injury law enables an individual to file a lawsuit for personal loss stemming from an incident or accident.  However, if you have not yet hired an attorney to assist you, you should know some essential facts in order to have a better understanding of the process.  Fact 1: […]