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Being involved and injured in any accident, whether a car accident or a slip and fall, create trying times. It can raise questions. What do I do? How do I pay for my medical bills? Who will fix my car? Can I get reimbursed if I am unable to work? At Mazzeo Law, we are here to help you because we know how difficult it is to deal with accident injuries, the pain and suffering, and the lost income. We do more than merely fight for you; we also walk you through the entire process. We make sure you understand and keep you informed. On this page, we have put together some questions you may have and answer them for you.

There are many personal injury law firms. You’ve seen many of them on TV and billboards, which they spend lots of money for. At Mazzeo Law, we spend our money and our efforts wisely – we put them towards working on your case. We prepare your case to go to trial and win. As Alexander Graham Bell said, “Preparation is the key to success.” With over two decades of trial experience and a winning reputation, Peter Mazzeo does not hesitate to go to trial. In fact, his astute skills on the court room floor make him a top choice for case referrals by other attorneys.
What you do at the scene of the car accident is important and may affect your case (particularly since the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department no longer investigate minor non-injury producing accidents.) First, attend to the needs of the injured. Call an ambulance if emergency medical attention is needed. Next, you also need to gather as much information as possible about the accident: Exchange insurance information with all drivers involved; locate witnesses and obtain their contact information; and photograph the cars involved and the accident scene. If you are injured in any way, you should go to a hospital emergency room as soon as possible and/or consult with your family doctor. Take photographs of any visible injuries such as cuts or bruises. Although you are obligated to report the car accident to your own insurance company, hire Mazzeo Law before speaking with any insurance representative of the other driver. The other driver’s insurance will want a recorded statement from you about what happened, and they can use this recording against you. Contact Mazzeo Law to protect your right to compensation.
Clients often ask us where to obtain medical treatment and who is going to pay for it. Some clients find that their regular primary care physician will not see them for accident-related injuries. Our office can help you make arrangements to be treated by the most qualified physicians and therapists available. We will discuss your options for obtaining treatment. If you do not have health insurance or do not have the financial means to cover your reasonable and necessary medical treatment, payment for treatment can be deferred until your case is settled. Insurance policies are available that will pay your medical expenses immediately. We understand many people are reluctant to use their own insurance when the accident is someone else’s fault. We will explain how our clients can use the insurance available to them without reducing the claim against the responsible party.
Some of the most frustrating situations following a motor vehicle accident are dealing with the loss of a vehicle, getting a car repaired, and getting a rental. Handling these issues can be confusing, but Mazzeo Law will help you through this process and discuss your options with you. While personal injury claims may take several months to resolve, the property damage claim is settled within a few weeks of the accident in most cases. We will discuss your options for obtaining a rental vehicle while your car is being repaired. You do not need to go through this process alone. Call Mazzeo Law and let us help you.
The value of a personal injury claim depends on a number of things: the nature and severity of the injury, the amount of medical bills, length of treatment, permanent impairment, loss of earnings, and the length, nature, and severity of pain and suffering. Other factors that can affect the value of a claim include preexisting medical conditions, comparative fault, and insurance policy limits. Also, initial injuries you receive can worsen or your doctor can find problems related to the accident much later. An overarching factor in determining value is finding all the potential sources of compensation. At Mazzeo Law, we look at all avenues to get you compensated for your injuries and other damages. We also look for all available and applicable insurance policies and assets that can cover your injuries. Bear in mind, each personal injury case is unique because of the many factors involved. The value of a case cannot be accurately predicted until all the evidence that affects your claim has been gathered. Most important, the value of your claim is affected by the reputation and skill of your attorney. Having an attorney with the reputation to taking a case to trial and winning helps settle cases early, so you don’t have to wait for your compensation. We discuss and advise of all factors affecting the value of your claim and give you an idea as to a reasonable range. We identify the responsible parties and locate the applicable insurance coverage and assets from which the claim can be paid. Mazzeo Law then takes the necessary legal steps to recover the full and fair value of your claim.
Because each personal injury case is unique, the timeline of each case is different. Some cases can settle within a few months after an accident, some within a year, and some can be in litigation for years. The first factor to consider in gauging when a case can settle is the client’s injuries and length of treatment. A personal injury claimant’s damages cannot be fully determined until he or she has fully healed or been advised that her injuries are permanent. Thus, negotiating and settling cannot be done until the personal injury claimant’s injuries are fully known and evaluated. In some cases, there are disputed issues in the case that require presenting proof in court. There can be a dispute as to who is responsible for an accident or the extent of someone’s injuries and damages. That is, some cases must be litigated. Some litigation can take less than a year, while other cases take years. At Mazzeo Law, we will discuss each step with you and keep you informed so you can trust that we are working on your case.