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Unsafe Lane Changes Las Vegas

Unsafe Lane Changes Las Vegas

In a recent study, it was found that approximately one-third of all drivers in the United States fail to yield for pedestrians. This is an alarming number considering about 4 million pedestrian accidents across America each year! To avoid being involved with such striking statistics, you and other drivers should always be cautious when changing lanes or turning corners because some people don't see them coming up behind their car hoods before time runs out on whether they will make safe passage through traffic alive. The vast majority (87%) occur between 6 pm – 3 am while walking home alone at night, making these hours even more dangerous than usual given our lackadaisical attitudes towards street safety locally.

Some people think that driving too slow in the fast lane is an excellent way to pass, but this can be dangerous. If you're going around traffic and see an opening up ahead for your car or truck just off of one side where there are no oncoming drivers visible, then it might seem tempting--but don't take any chances. The last thing anyone wants when they're trying their best is to survive Las Vegas' busy streets by being safe while behind the wheel; also ensure other drivers do too because we all know how competitive these city environments tend to get sometimes.

Common Causes of  Unsafe Lane Changes 

Have you ever been driving and seen someone change lanes without looking? It's a scary thing, but it can happen to anyone. There are many reasons why people might do this: they may not have enough room on their side of the road for safe passage; if something approaches from behind quickly enough, that person would likely get knocked down by its movement into their path (a 'passing' accident); even though we don't always expect those things will arrive suddenly--like when another driver cuts between two cars directly beside our vehicle while we're trying to merge onto. When drivers are tired or distracted, they may take risks that put themselves and others on the road at risk. A careful eye for traffic signs is necessary to avoid these dangerous mistakes! If you have been in an accident, were here to help. Contact us now.