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Winter Weather Hazards – How To Prevent A Slip And Fall Incident and What to do if You Have One

slip and fall in las vegas

Las Vegas isn’t typically known for its winter weather, except if you’re paying a visit to the mountains of Mt. Charleston about 40 minutes to the west. Unless you’re a local or visiting the mountains regularly and know how to navigate through the snow, avoiding injury may come as a challenge for many. And although we may be cognizant of the dangers while driving in hazardous winter weather, we may not pay as much attention to the risks of walking down the slippery sidewalk.

Preventing a Slip and Fall Accident in Las Vegas 

The CDC reports that more than 800,000 individuals are hospitalized each year due to an injury caused by a fall. Although it is impossible to completely eliminate the risk of falling victim to a winter slip, there are measures that can be taken to dramatically reduce your chances.

  • Avoid walking on broken or uneven surfaces- broken steps or bricks provide little stability and traction.
  • Use proper footwear- snowshoes and boots with textured soles offer the best support.
  • Take smaller steps and take your time- plan ahead and give yourself ample time to reach your destinations.
  • Avoid dangerous conditions altogether- you can’t control the weather, but you can control your decision to walk in harsh conditions. Steer clear of traveling on days when sidewalks have noticeable layers of ice.

I’ve Slipped, Fallen, and Injured Myself. What do I do?

Even in times when you do your best to avoid injury, accidents still do occur. Some of the most common injuries resulting in a slip and fall include:

  • Sprains- these can lead to a limited range in body motion and most often occur to the wrists or ankles.
  • Broken bones- 20% of all falls result in a serious injury such as a broken bone (Source: CDC).
  • Spine-related injuries- landing on your back during a fall can cause damage to the spine, leaving you with limited mobility and excruciating pain.
  • Head or brain injury- injuries involving the head or brain can often have the most serious effects and can progressively worsen if not treated immediately.

It’s helpful to know what to do to prevent a slip and fall, but it may be even more pertinent to know what to do in case you find yourself injured in the winter weather. If you fail to catch your balance during a slip, do your best to lessen the impact of your fall. Being able to make that split-second decision can mean the difference between minor bruises and a trip to the hospital. If you’ve done your best to minimize the impact and still experience pain, or are unable to lessen the blow from your fall, be sure to:

  • Seek immediate medical attention- visiting the doctor or hospital after your slip will not only allow you to receive the necessary treatment but will also enable you to document the cause of the injury for insurance claim purposes.
  • In your documentation be as specific as possible. Was the sidewalk raised or cracked? Was the lighting poor?
  • Before speaking to anyone outside of medical personnel about your accident, be sure to contact a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas. Mazzeo Law is a top personal injury firm and we’d be happy to speak to you about your case and do our best to help you receive the maximum compensation you deserve for your accident.
  • Do not talk to insurance companies or the owner of the property on which the incident occurred before consulting your attorney.
  • Avoid posting about the accident on social media.

Are you the victim of a slip and fall accident in Las Vegas? 

Experiencing an injury caused by a slip and fall accident can put you out of work for days, even weeks. If you or a loved one find themselves in a similar situation due to a slip and fall incident in Las Vegas, you may be entitled to compensation or lost wages. Be sure to call the personal injury law firm of Mazzeo Law at (702) 382-3636 or visit https://www.mazzeolaw.com/. From proactive communication to getting you the maximum financial results, we are personally here for you every step of the way and will make an “all in” commitment to winning for you!

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