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Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers Henderson, NV

The result of an accident, fall, or collision, spinal cord injury involves damage to the spinal cord due to a sudden, traumatic blow to the spine. What makes spinal cord injury a severe and alarming circumstance is the fact that it can lead to a change in the injured party's sensory, motor, autonomic functions, which, sometimes, can be permanent due to the breakage, dislocation, or pressure on the person's vertebra or vertebrae. 

A spinal cord injury lawyer is someone who can help you sue the person or company that may be responsible for your injuries. Since a lawyer's job includes navigating the complex legal system, they know how to move swiftly and confidently in ethics and integrity. Every case is different - from what happened on the scene, where it took place, and who was there. A qualified attorney will bring all those details to light with careful examinations of medical records, police reports, witness testimonies, and insurance claims from the other parties involved.

Spinal cord injuries are prevalent in the US precisely because many different kinds of mishaps​​—on the road, mostly—also happen recurrently. The National Spinal Cord Injury Association reported that approximately 450,000 people in the US are suffering from spinal cord injuries, with around 17,000 new incidents of spinal cord injuries being recorded every year. 

While, as mentioned, most spinal cord injuries result from road accidents, many other kinds of accidents similarly lead to damage to the spine. Some of these accidents include:

- Slip and falls

- Sports and recreation accidents

- Violent encounters

- Excessive intoxication

- Diseases

Sometimes the most devastating event in your life happens before you even know it, with or without intention. This can happen to people who have not been warned of the dangers they may encounter during a day-to-day routine and moment. 

Our injury lawyers work hard to clarify misunderstandings between doctors, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and other providers about errors that lead to debilitating spinal cord injuries such as those caused by prescription drugs like opioids. We're also knowledgeable about compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering damages, loss of income from time caregiving, or rehabilitation facilities are needed by loved ones to help everyday living skills get back on track.

Damages Arising from Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injuries result in damages that can go as high as millions of dollars, just in hospitalization and medication alone. As found by the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention, the cost of spinal cord injuries all over the country costs an estimated $9 billion each year.

Some of the expenses and losses that an injured party may shoulder and suffer due to a spinal cord injury are:

- Cost of hospitalization, rehabilitation, medication, and maintenance

- Cost of assistive devices and mobility instruments

- Cost of medical devices including catheters, ventilator, and other necessary supplies

- Cost of personal care

- Cost of retrofitting the home and vehicle to adjust to the owner/user's disability

- Loss of income 

- Loss of earning capacity

Apart from seeking reimbursement for these expenses and losses, an injured party must also be compensated for the trauma, distress, mental and emotional anguish, sleepless nights, and other similar consequences brought about by the accident and the injury, compensation of which is allowed under the law.

Hurt in an accident? This is our specialty. After a spinal cord injury, property damage, wage loss, and pension benefits are the first to go. This pain and suffering culminate into one particular area of law: Damages Arising from Spinal Cord Injury. More than just paperwork and policy releases, these auto accidents entail some severe troubles that come back with tenfold rage when not dealt with correctly. To speak frankly-it's a mess out there just waiting for the firm who knows how to get their pro bono fingers on it. A collision with a bus leaves you with an injury that impairs mobility for the rest of your life. No matter where you live in Nevada or where you're injured, there is hope for recovery. As one of Henderson's top spinal cord and brain injury lawyers, we have handled the cases other law firms say can't be won. Our team guarantees to fight for justice without considering settlement offers from insurance companies if we believe a claim deserves filing and trial. Get risk-free legal analysis now by contacting us to get started on what could become some of the most significant moments of your life.

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer in Henderson, NV

That said, if you get involved in an accident resulting in a spinal cord injury, know that you are not alone in dealing with the situation. So that you can focus on your full and speedy recovery, leave the case to an expert who can committedly and proficiently fight for your rights and protect your interests, specifically by working to claim the maximum compensation that you deserve. 

With years of knowledge and experience in both civil and criminal law, with expertise in personal injury cases, Mazzeo Law is your partner as you seek liability and claim damages at the maximum rate possible, including medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, moral damages, to name a few.

At Mazzeo Law, we understand how difficult it is to go through a catastrophic accident and suffer spinal cord injuries, among others, as a result. Hence, we are here to relieve you from any further difficulty and stress. Leave your case to us. With a lawyer from the Mazzeo Law office by your side, they can sleep easy knowing that everything is taken care of.

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