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Tesla Care Fire Lawyer Las Vegas, NV

Tesla has become the leading producer of electric vehicles in the United States. 

However, Tesla cars have also been reported to cause sudden battery-related fires causing grave injuries, property destruction, and worse, death. This is as serious as causing a fire even when the car is plugged into the garage.  

If this worries you, a Tesla fire attorney can help you demand compensation and hold the company for the losses caused by a faulty Tesla battery. Don’t know how? Read through the end to know who the right person to call when such cases happen. 

Causes of Tesla Battery Fires

What could be the cause of these controversial tesla battery fires? 

Fires from Tesla batteries are thought to be caused by malfunctioning energy cells. When a car's lithium-ion battery has suffered damage from a collision, the power contained within the battery repeatedly overheats and experiences excessive pressure. This is the major reason why fires and explosions happen.

Fire departments must then constantly use water put the temperature down as it is the only way to put out such fire incidents.

But just when you’d think it’s over, the charge can even go higher and would reignite again. Because of this firemen are now required to remain on the scene for 45–1 hour even after putting out a fire to ensure that the car doesn't heat up and catch fire again.

Yes, it is that serious! But, why?

Why Tesla Fires Are So Dangerous

A Tesla electric car fire requires more than 25,000 water gallons to completely suppress a fire compared to a regular car fire only requires about 300 water gallons.

Sadly, most fire stations lack the tools necessary to transport this many water gallons. In fact, even the biggest fire-fighting planes cannot carry that number of gallons. This puts them at a great disadvantage.

Furthermore, according to NFP or National Fire Protection Association, there are only about 20% of firemen have received training in handling battery-related fires in electric cars.

While it seems that this occurrence is an unpredictable hopeless case, Tesla care fire lawyers situated in Las Vegas, NV is up to the rescue for your need of legal assistance.

What A Tesla Care Fire Lawyer Can Do

A Tesla fire attorney is capable of taking necessary actions to look into and establish what caused the Tesla fire. They can also help you in pursuing reasonable compensation should there be injuries or damage to you, your loved one, or your personal property. 

For this to happen, a consultation will be done to investigate and learn more about what happened. This would also allow both sides to evaluate their claims and determine whether negligence had a role in your injuries. 


It is important to get legal counsel from a qualified fire lawyer if you or someone you know is hurt while operating a Tesla electric car.  You have the right to just damage compensation and hold the company accountable for it. Nobody should ever be issued a damaged car, let alone have to cope with issues that it carries. 

Need assistance? Contact one of the top-performing law firms in Las Vegas, no other than Tesla Care Fire lawyer in Las Vegas, NV. Schedule a consultation now! 

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